2017 Lexus NX 300h

When I reviewed a sport version of the Lexus NX last year, I was struck by the aggressive styling of this small crossover. The same angular attitude is found with the hybrid version, the NX 300h, now with standard all-wheel drive. It looks especially good in black.

The interior looks good in any color; with lots of luxury and quality materials. Lexus makes you buy a luxury package to get a heated steering wheel, strange in a car of this class. The wheel is power adjustable. Heated front seats are a $640 option.

Driving position is good and most controls are logical and easy to access. The automatic is continuously variable to help with efficiency. A quick-reference dash gauge helps the driver be as thrifty as possible. Navigation is a whopping $1,600 option but is packaged with excellent premium sound.

Row two is roomy and includes heated seats if you choose the comfort package. Folding row two for big cargo is easy.

The power rear hatch is optional. Cargo space is on the small side compared to the competition. Hybrid components take up some room. Small items can be stowed under floor.

A four-cylinder gasoline engine coupled with three electric motors produce 194 horsepower. Acceleration is on the slow side, but gas mileage is truly remarkable. We averaged about 31 miles per gallon, best in its class.

So for the 2017 Lexus NX 300h, I say thumbs up to gas mileage, comfort and luxury; thumbs down to pricey options and tight cargo space.

The as-tested sticker price is $47,053.

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