Val’s Kids: Nasir – Revisited

We have shared his story before but wanted to give you an update on his life now. After spending years in foster care, he is still hoping to find a permanent loving family. Nasir loves amusement parks so we spent the day at HersheyPark not long ago. Nasir has graduated from high school and he’s in the working world.

He still dreams of becoming a Navy Seal, but says his backup plan is to be a nurse or work in the security field. Nasir love sports and swimming. His dream vacation is going to Puerto Rico to hit the waves for some surfing fun. When it comes to a forever family here’s what he hoping to find. “I like families that go to places like this. The beach.” Nasir said.

Karen Knodel, Nasir’s adoption worker says although Nasir is approaching his twenties, he still needs to find an adoptive family ” I think all kids as they start to transition in adulthood begin to really realize the importance of having a family. Having that support . Having that place to go to for the holidays and just the support of being able to go own when the going gets tough.” Knodel said.

You can visit the link below to view all the kids waiting for a forever home.

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