Local woman reflects on World Marathon Challenge

Courtesy: Facebook

Bethann Telford said once she started, she knew she wouldn’t stop.

Fresh off the World Marathon Challenge, the Cumberland Valley grad is back in the United States and reflecting on her seven marathons in seven days on seven continents.


Telford appeared on abc27 Daybreak, sharing that she did not have access to beds or showers during the race and lost 14 pounds during the week of competition.

Telford, who is battling brain cancer, had her doctor’s permission to attempt the race. She does, however, have to another surgery soon. She said she was grateful she didn’t suffer a seizure during any of the races.

Her mission began two weeks ago on a glacier in Antarctica. From there she traveled to Chile, Miami, Madrid, Morocco, Dubai and Sydney.

Courtesy: Facebook
Courtesy: Facebook

With each step, Telford raised money for brain cancer research. Her shoes for each race were custom designed by pediatric cancer survivors.  One of those survivors surprised Telford with a video message on Daybreak.

Watch the videos to learn more about Telford’s journey and her mission.





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