Healthy snacks to serve up on game day

Today is all about football…but also food!

There are two different options for people to keep up with healthy super bowl snacking: “quick plays” vs. “star players.”

Quick Plays:
· Blue corn chips with salsa and guacamole
· Popcorn – will briefly mention seasoning with something other than salt and butter
· Buffalo cauliflower – we sell this in frozen bags, cauliflower is a food trend, and it could be a “wing replacement” saving on calories and fat
· Roasted chickpeas – we sell these in honey, sea salt, and spicy, a good crunch item compared to chips. I am going to do a quick demo of building what I call “taco bites” which is a tortilla scoop chip with lime greek yogurt, shredded red cabbage, and the spicy chickpeas.

Star Players:
· Fruit football stadium – platter with fruit to look like a field and stadium with chocolate covered apple slices for footballs
· Deviled egg footballs – talk about replacing mayo with greek yogurt
· Sweet Buffalo Shrimp
· Baked Pepper Rings

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