NRA says Harrisburg show will never be ‘political’

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — When the Great American Outdoor Show opens to the public Saturday morning for eight days, it will again be under the banner of the National Rifle Association. It will also the first time in eight years that the show has occurred while there is a Republican President in office.

“Obviously the outdoor industry, particularly the shooting sports, we now have an administration that is presumably going to be more friendly to the gun rights and second amendment cause,” said NRA spokesman Jason Brown.

During last year’s primary election season, the NRA offered its earliest endorsement in history to then candidate Donald Trump. While Brown says politics is part of the NRA mission to protect second amendment rights, the outdoor show is intended to be a welcoming place for everyone to celebrate American outdoor traditions such as shooting sports, hunting, fishing and boating.

“This show has never been political, never will be political,” he adds. “That said, there will be a feeling of enthusiasm and vigor and happiness. We feel that the next couple of years in the United States are going to be good for gun owners.”

Brown says while there has been no indication that political tensions will cause disruptions at the show, security is well equipped to to diffuse any situations that might pop up between individuals.

“We don’t expect that to happen,” said Brown. “Generally speaking, we want people to come here and enjoy themselves. Its not political, but we know everyone has their opinions, and we encourage that dialogue among themselves. We think everyone is going to get along just fine here.”


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