abc27 Anchors & Reporters Predict Super Bowl

Continuing an annual tradition, abc27 anchors and reporters have made their picks for the Super Bowl.  The person who predicts nearest to the final score, takes year-long possession of the abc27 Super Bowl Bobble head.   The winner will be announced on abc27 News Monday at 6

Picking Atlanta:                                                                         Picking New England

Flora (defending champ)   32-16                                               Andrew         35-31

Ryan                                 26-24                                                 Eric               24-17

Kendra                              31-28                                                 Mike             31-20

Ali                                     31-28                                                 Dan               35-24

Mark Hall                          31-28                                                 Pat                 31-24

Alicia                                 28-21                                                 Samantha      34-27

Dennis                              38-28                                                  Brett              42-20

Gregg                               38-21                                                  Janel             27-21

Val                27-24

Dawn            20-16

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