Mommy Minute: Maryland Zoo still an active destination in winter

If you’re looking to cure a little cabin fever this winter, don’t rule out the zoo.


Despite the cold temperatures, the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore in open four days a week. The prices of admission has been lowered to just $10.

Zoo officials said despite the cooler temperatures, most of their animals are still on display.


“Rhinos, zebra, gazelle, giraffe…they’re all from very warm climates, but because they’re here year-round, and because they’re outside, they’re used to it like us,” Animal Collection Specialist Amy Eveleth said.


There is plenty to see indoors as well including a “Chimp Forest” and a private penguin encounter.


“You come right down 83 and we are right off exit 7,” Eveleth said.  “So we’re super easy to get to. So you come here and spend the full day . You can go down to the Harbor and have a nice dinner and then when you leave the kids will sleep all the way home in the car.”

The Maryland Zoo is open Friday through Monday. For more information, visit

To learn more about our behind-the-scenes tour, watch the video above.

zoo6 zoo4 zoo2

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