Man sues Gettysburg police over repeated Tasering, alleged false arrest

GETTYSBURG, Pa. (AP) – A man has sued a former Pennsylvania police officer and his department for repeatedly using a Taser on him after allegedly falsely arresting him for violating a protective order.

Derek Twyman is suing former Gettysburg officer Christopher Folster, various supervisors, and the borough’s police chief and former mayor alleging Folster was poorly trained and wrongly “escalated” the May 2015 arrest.

The underlying charge that the 29-year-old Twyman allegedly contacted a woman in violation of a protection-from-abuse order was dropped for lack of evidence, and Twyman was later found not guilty of resisting the arrest captured by Folster’s body cam. The Gettysburg Times obtained the video and posted it on YouTube after Twyman’s acquittal.

The borough says it can’t comment on “unproven allegations” and will respond in court filings. Folster couldn’t immediately be located for comment.

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