Author Spotlight: Don Helin & Carrie Jacobs’ “Strange Magic”

Strange Magic conjures vivid thoughts and images and moments that are real, surreal, and fantastical. And so are the stories within this collection.

“Over the past three years we have developed three A Novel Idea workshops.  The first two were once-each month workshops for one year helping students learn how to write a novel.  We are now holding A Novel Idea 102, which is a once-each month workshop for one year on how to market and sell a novel.  We’re proud of our faculty because together we have published nearly 50 novels,” tells Helin.

“This is a special time because for most of our students this will be their first published effort and they are very excited.  We are proud of all of them.”

They will hold a celebratory book launch at the Landis House in Newport on Saturday, January 21st at noon as well as Cupboard Maker Books on Saturday, February 25th, from 1-3pm.

Viewers can also contact Sunbury Press, Perry County Council of the Arts, or Cupboard Maker Books for more information.


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