In Your Community: Cumberland Valley School Board votes to increase compensation for tax collectors

Cumberland Valley School Board voted Monday night to increase compensation for tax collectors.

There are four tax collectors in the school district, collecting roughly $60 million for Cumberland Valley. Previously, Cumberland Valley paid them each $2.50 per bill collected. Now, the district will pay $3.00 per bill collected.

Board members say overall, this translates to an $18,000 yearly increase in compensation from the school district, bringing the total to $89,000 per year.

The measure passed seven to one, with discussion about why tax collectors were getting a $.50 per bill increase, as opposed to previous $.05 per bill increases. Board members explained that the rates are set for four years at a time, with a recent uptick in people moving into the district creating more work for the tax collectors.

The board also voted to update its child abuse policy to make it more clear and ensure that it is in line with the recent revisions to the package of state laws that went into effect following the Jerry Sandusky scandal. The changes include new timelines for certifications, updated definitions for terms like “perpetrator,” and a stronger emphasis on immediate reporting.

There were also boy scouts at the meeting from Good Hope and Eagle View middle schools for their communication merit badges.


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