Birds are back at the Farm Show

Even the Farm Show’s biggest veterans missed something last year.

“We were very disappointed,” Chad Berner said, who drove all the way from Pittsburgh.

All birds were gone from the Farm Show last year, due to the threat of the Avian Flu. But not this year.

“You got chickens that look hairy, you got chickens that look tall and skinny, you’ve got black, white, brown. You name the colors. Like rainbows. And so it’s neat it sort of takes care of all the senses in one room,” Phillip Clauer, a poultry extension specialist at Penn State, said.

The chicken room has more than 120 different varieties. Some as big as thirteen pounds.

“The Farm Show changed their format this year so we’ve got a male and female in each of those varieties represented here in this room,” Clauer said.

They’ve got more than 300 birds total at the farm show.

“We like the turkeys. the turkeys are always noisy, and they puff up their feathers, and put on the show,” Berner said.

But if birds aren’t your thing you’re not alone.

“I love the fact that we get to see the animals, but i come for the food,” Michelle Potter, from New Cumberland, said.

The farm show is open until this Saturday, but the poultry exhibit will be gone by Monday night.

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