The 110 to Pasadena: Pat & Gregg take on LA traffic

Los Angeles is known for a lot of things.  Perhaps none bigger than movies and traffic.  Well coming to a theatre near you this bowl season is a cinema experience unlike any other.  From the people that brought you Friday Night Football and Nittany Nation Roar of the Roses.   ABC27’s Pat Welter and Gregg Mace have a simple mission.  Cover Penn State at the Rose Bowl and see all that LA has to offer.  But can they….beat….the….traffic.  This January you have to see….The 110 to Pasadena.

“If I was stuck on a deserted island, this would be the only movie I would bring…..I’d even go without Wilson.”

-Tom Hanks



-Keanu Reeves


“As far as movies about LA go, you’ve got classics like Sunset Boulevard and Chinatown.  The bizarre and beautiful like Mulholland Drive.  And then you’ve got The 110 to Pasadena.”

-Peter Travers Rolling Stone


“I saw the movie once.  Loved it.  Saw it again, told the kid at the counter…keep the change you filthy animal.”

-That guy from the movie in Home Alone




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