A Unique Christmas Eve Barn Service

Pastor Bob and Robin Stoner have been putting on a unique worship service every Christmas Eve for the last 20 years.

“In the lower level of a working horse barn, we transform the hallways and spare as many stalls as possible and gather for a memorable evening among the animals to celebrate Christmas!  We share the Christmas story and sing carols with the aid of Mechanicsburg residents, Jim and JoEllen Zitch who provide inspiring music,” tells Bob Stoner.

“Sitting among the animals is a unique experience for young and old alike.  There is great interaction as families “snuggle together” in the hay, among the horses.”

They even brought Paisleigh, a three year old donkey, along for the show today.

If you and your family would be interested in attending this unique service, the event details are as follows:

Where: PA Route 25 1. 2 miles outside Millersburg

When: Christmas Eve, December 24

Time:  7:00pm (Open House follows the short service)

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