Author Spotlight: Amy Impellizzeri

On the eve of the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012, Mari Guarez Roselli – a 44-year old 9/11 widow who had immigrated to New York City from war-torn Guatemala more than 20 years earlier – is keeping secrets from her 23-year-old daughter, Lu.

And Lu harbors a painful guilty secret of her own that she intends to take to her grave.

In the aftermath of the ensuing tragedy, Lu embarks on an emotional journey to unravel Mari’s long-held secrets, leading to revelations that rock Lu to her core as she learns that no story’s ending is ever written in stone. –Secrets of Worry Dolls, by Amy Impellizzeri.

My debut novel was a popular pick among book clubs and book bloggers, and was named the #1 reviewed book of 2014 by The Literary Connoisseur; I’m hoping Book Clubs embrace Secrets of Worry Dolls as well!” tells Amy.

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