Lancaster County church vandalized with apparent Satanic symbols

LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) – Michael Ploutz looked skyward at the vandalism that now marks part of the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Manheim Township.

“We’re disappointed that someone would choose to deface a church property,” said Ploutz, an administrator at the church on Oregon Pike.

Three upside-down crosses with the number 666 stain the tower portion of the church’s steeple, which is at least 40 feet off the ground.

“It’s symbolic of what’s called the symbol of the beast,” Ploutz said.

Ploutz told ABC27 News that church members spotted the graffiti on Sunday morning. He said the church has had problems with people on the roof before.

The church does have security cameras, but Ploutz said the cameras did not catch anything suspicious.

The timing of the crime is also raising questions since the act happened just weeks before Christmas.

“I personally believe that there were probably times when someone was up on the roof in the past and they knew how to get up there, and this time they just chose to do some vandalism,” Ploutz said.

Ploutz estimated it would cost the church around $1,000 to clean the graffiti since it would have to rent equipment for workers to paint. He said the church would be quick to forgive the person responsible for the vandalism.

“If they were to identify themselves and be willing to make restitution for the cost to get cleaned up, we would be happy to reach out with a hand of forgiveness,” he said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Manheim Township police at (717) 569-6401.

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