Rally opposing Dakota Access Pipeline held in Lancaster

LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) – A rally was held in Lancaster city Saturday, opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Friends, family, and complete strangers came together for one reason.

“This is about my son, my daughter, my grandchildren, about you, and everybody else. We need to live in a safe environment, safe world,” Bob McComas-Wood, who opposes the Pipeline, said.

Everyone stood in solidarity with their native brothers and sisters at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in Cannonball North Dakota to oppose the Pipeline.

“No matter where we live it affects us,” Malinda Clatterbuck, with Lancaster Against Pipelines, said.

The nearly12-hundred mile oil pipeline would span from North Dakota to Illinois, and run under the Missouri river. Originally the pipeline was to be routed above Bismark, North Dakota, but now the plan is to have it go across the Standing Rock Reservation.

“The Standing Rock council were not included in any of those planning meetings until later,until after,” Carolyn Rittenhouse, the organizer of the rally, said.

“The installation of it does go through sacred sites of the Standing Rock Sioux. so they would be destroying some of their sacred sites,” Clatterbuck said.

The Sioux Tribe also relies on that river for its drinking water and is worried about contamination.

“We know that pipelines break, and that pipeline is set to cross the Missouri in two locations. So if the Pipeline were to break it would contaminate the drinking supply. the water supply,” Rittenhouse said.

The group said they know they’re not going to stop the pipeline from being laid, but hopefully they can stop the oil from flowing through.

“It’s so important for us to come together to protect our environment, our water supplies, because if we don’t do that, our future generations will not have this drinking water,” Rittenhouse said.

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