Larger than life mailbox ready for letters to Santa

CASEY, Ill. (WTHI) – Look at Downtown Casey and you’re bound to find some larger than life items.

The big rocking chair.

The big pencil.

The big bird cage.

And even the world’s largest mailbox.

It’s another accomplishment on the list of world records for creator Jim Bolin.

“Japan held the previous record at 2300 cubic feet of mail, and the United States, or Casey, Illinois holds the record now at 5,800 cubic feet of mail,” Bolin said.

In order for this mailbox to be the world record holder, it actually had to function.

When you stick mail in the box, the flag outside goes up just like it would at your own mailbox at home.

“You can actually mail from this mailbox, and it’ll receive mail also,” Bolin said. “You can climb up stairs, there’s stairs in the back, and you climb up into the mailbox and you can walk around up there.”

The mailbox itself is made of mostly recycled materials.

Bolin says people don’t seem to know what to expect as they make their way to see the attraction.

“Mostly it’s just, wow because they anticipate a mailbox, but they don’t anticipate this big of mailbox,” Bolin said. “So it’s pretty fun to watch people’s reactions as they see it.”

Bolin says during the Christmas season.

Many families will bring their children here as they send their letters to Santa.

He adds it even gets a stamp that lets everyone know it was sent from the largest mailbox in the world.

“They can address it to Santa, and as long as they have a return address they can address it to the North Pole or Santa, and the United Postal Service makes sure it gets taken care of,” Bolin said.

And gets in the hands of Santa, because if ever a place makes big things happen, it’s the small town of Casey, Illinois.

If you are sending mail from the world record mailbox, make sure it has stamp on it.

Casey’s “Candy Canes on Main” takes place Saturday, December 3 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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