Public hearing to consider rezoning in Hampden Township

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – On Thursday evening, Hampden Township will hold a public hearing to discuss rezoning the southwest corner of Good Hope and Wertzville Roads from a residential country zone to a commercial limited zone.

“I’ve got a wonderful view of the mountain. If this gets rezoned and there’s a 6-to-8-foot earth and berm with trees on top of it put up, and I’m not going to see the mountain anymore,” Roger Kohr, a resident who lives behind the land, said.

The area is about seven acres and is located next to the Turkey Hill. The developer wants it changed to a limited commercial zone. He also lives in Hampden Township.

“We’re looking at doing something that’s of higher quality, something that fits the community that we’re in,” Bony Dawood, the developer, said.

But some residents aren’t happy. They said the idea was to keep the commercial properties to the east of Good Hope Road and Interstate 81, not the west.

“The minute something gets rezoned west of Good Hope on Wertzville Road, that that’s going to be the goal. To turn this into another Carlisle Pike,” Kohr said.

“I don’t see it becoming a Carlisle Pike. There’s also natural features, some streams along the way so it would be very difficult,” Dawood said.

Both parties agree more traffic is expected.

“In any community as areas progress with or without the development things will change, traffic will increase with or without the development and you have to address it,” Dawood said.

“This is nothing personal, and it doesn’t matter if it’s his company or any other company. We just don’t want it. We don’t need more folks coming off of Interstate 81 because of this,” Kohr said.

The developer said the Township has identified this as a need. He’s made it clear the area won’t become a truck stop or a fast food area since it would be a “limited” commercial zone.

“We’re not trying to attract a lot of business or businesses that want to attract business off of 81. We’re looking at providing businesses that want to service the community. Whether it’s going to be a coffee shop, a bakery, or a dry cleaner,” Dawood said.

The public hearing begins at 7:30 p.m. Thursday night at the Hampden Township Municipal building. The commissioners are expected to vote on the proposal at that time.

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