Prayer vigil held for teens burned in fiery crash

A prayer vigil was held in Middletown for two teens who were burned in a fiery crash in Lower Swatara Township Friday night.

It was held for 19-year-old Scott Shaffer and 18-year-old Joey Keating. The two friends were driving home from a football game when witnesses said their car crashed on Stoner Drive, flipped upside down, and burst into flames.

“I don’t even know what was running through my mind. Just screaming and crying like, ‘we’ve got to save them, I’ve got to get them out, they’ve got to come out’,” Jennifer Dixon said.

Dixon and her family were driving behind them that night. She can’t recall certain moments, but she remembers the screams.

“That’s when I kicked the back window three times and it shattered, and I had pulled him out from the front seat to the back and then I pulled him across the ground. He was still on fire,” Dixon said. “I don’t want anything. I didn’t do it for me to become a hero or to become famous. It was instinct. I didn’t want these kids to die, I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself if these kids had died.”

Now prayers are focused on healing. Both teens in stable, yet critical, condition. A friend of Scott’s is hoping they overcome the darkness.

“Nicest young man you ever would meet. Super. always smiling. Always happy. good shape. Well built. A young superman,” Bob Lebo, a close family friend, said.

There is a Gofundme account to help both families with expenses.

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