Blue line on road to support first responders puts township at odds with PennDOT

BAINBRIDGE, Pa. (WHTM) – You’ve heard of the thin blue line referring to police; a Lancaster County township is taking that literally.

Supervisors in Conoy Township added a little extra paint to the main road through Bainbridge to support emergency responders and now they’re at odds with PennDOT.

“I got into it because I saw a need,” Ken Brosey said inside his auto shop Monday. A mechanic by day, he wears many hats. “Started out actually as a fire police, and then I moved into firefighting.”

He’s been listening to radio chatter in his shop for decades; recently, just outside on 2nd Street, blue lines appeared in between the two solid yellow lines dividing the road.

“Initially, I didn’t know what they were for,” Brosey said.

Supervisors gave him a flier to explain: It’s to support folks like him. “Just a reminder, more or less, of the first responders that serve the community,” he said.

“Just seemed like blue was the thing to do,” township board of supervisors chairman Stephen Mohr said. He didn’t expect the response he got.

“We’ve had comments from Texas, from California, emails from Utah,” he said.

Add PennDOT to that list; department spokesman Greg Penny said the line breaks with national and state regulations.

The township could be liable if someone gets confused or distracted, Penny said, but since it’s not a state road, the agency is not planning to do anything about it.

“Of course you pay attention to something that’s different when it’s new, but it’ll always be that reminder,” Brosey said. “It’s appreciated when we’re at least recognized for what we do.”

Mohr said he hopes to do something similar in Falmouth, also in Conoy Township.

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