Midstate woman shares story of fleeing Cuba

A Camp Hill woman is sharing her story of fleeing Cuba under Fidel Castro’s regime, following his death Friday.

At 32 years old, Nelly Gomez fled Cuba in 1969 with her husband and two kids, hoping for a better life.

“I always have faith in god in all of my difficulties and struggles and I remember I prayed every day for me to have the strength to leave,” Gomez said.

Fast forward a few years, as Castro began rising to power.

“People were starving, difficult to find food, or anything, anything. Very difficult,” Gomez said.

Desperate to find hope again, she would eventually leave, but it would take three years after her husband applied for a refugee visa.

“Meanwhile he was sent to a concentration camp, with other friends that were doing the same thing. trying to get out of Cuba in 1969,” Gomez said.

Leaving behind her family and dying mother.

“I remember at night time I couldn’t sleep and I was in a rocking chair, during the night just thinking so many things that I saw that was so sad,” Gomez said.

But her story, has a happy ending. She would have two more children, and six grandchildren.

“As a christian, we hope everybody has right to forgiveness, even, ya know, with all the things wrong that he did,”

This February she and her husband will celebrate 55 years of marriage.

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