How to safely fry a Thanksgiving turkey

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Turkey can be cooked many ways and frying has become a favorite, but if you’re not careful, you risk serious burns and even fire.

The first thing you need to do is make sure the turkey is thawed. Harrisburg firefighter Bobby Jones takes it from there.

“You put the turkey in the pot, you fill it up with water until you know how much oil it will take. You take your turkey back out to see the fill line for the oil,” Jones said.

Dump the water and replace with oil to the fill line. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Place the fryer in a safe spot outside and away from your home.

“We want to make sure everything is far away enough so it won’t be able to burn,” Jones said.

Keep the right fire extinguisher nearby.

“Oil and water don’t mix, so we want to make sure we have a Class B extinguisher,” Jones said.

Also, use a thermometer. Don’t go over 350 degrees; the perfect temperature to cut down on splatter and prevent burns. Also, make sure the turkey is dry before slowly lowering it into the pot.

“This is the most critical part,” Jones said. “If you go in too fast, that oil can spill out.”

Deep fry three minutes for every pound of turkey, and never step away from the fryer.

“You always want to have someone around monitoring it at all times,” Jones said.

When done, cautiously remove the turkey from the hot oil.

“One last thing you have to do is turn the gas off,” Jones said. “Wait until the grease cools to move it.”

For more information on safe turkey frying, click here.

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