Mommy’s Time Out: Fostering gratitude from your children

By Halloween night, stores had Christmas displays up as the biggest season of commercialism prepared to erupt. For this month’s Mommy’s Time Out segment, Amy Kehm looked at ways to foster gratitude and generosity among children.

Brainster Moms TV suggested inviting children to create ornaments for a gratitude tree and encouraging them to write thank you notes.

Mother, former teacher and writer Laura Boycott agreed with those suggestions and added that thank you notes do not need to be only for gifts. Boycott also shows her children how to look inside their closets and choose items to donate, including food from the pantry. Her family’s “hungry piggy” bank collects spare change for donating and she takes her children along on volunteer outings.

Watch our video for these ideas and for other Mommy’s Time Out segment, click here: Mommy’s Time Out

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