Rising stocks due in part to Trump’s proposed policies, market watchers say

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – So far so good for investors following the election of President-elect Donald Trump.

Market watchers say rising stocks are part reaction to Trump’s proposed policies and part due to a cordial transition of power.

Bob Kaplan with Riverwealth Advisors says ill feelings on Election Day that sent market futures plummeting 900 points were cured by the next morning due to a two-part remedy.

“A lot of the restrictions that have been put on our economy, Trump feels need to come off,” Kaplan said.

Those market-friendly policies include investing in infrastructure as a way to create jobs, lowering corporate taxes so companies invest more in the United States, and loosening regulations on traditional energy production.

One area of the market slumping since the election has been technology. Companies like Amazon, Apple and Google are concerned Trump’s possible foreign trade policies could hurt profits.

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