O.S.S. Health: Hip Surgery

Hip arthroscopy is a surgical procedure whereby the surgeon is able to make two or three small, (less than ½” incisions) about the hip and then insert a fiberoptic camera and specialized surgical tools that allow him or her to view and treat a wide spectrum of hip pathology.

“Since the incisions are much smaller, hip arthroscopy is usually done as an outpatient or same day surgery so patients are in and out of the facility in just a few hours. The recovery is typically much quicker, with much less pain,” tells Dr. Joseph Alhadeff.

“We can treat cartilage or labral tears, femoroacetabular impingement or FAI, loose bodies in the hip, synovitis, infections of the hip, some tendon or ligament releases about the hip and a few other less common causes of hip pain.”

If you need hip surgery, now is the time to act. For more information regarding advances in hip surgery, visit their website at www.osshealth.com or call 717-730-7099.



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