‘White power’ video sparks investigation at York school

YORK, Pa. (WHTM) – A video that features a student yelling the words, “white power” prompted a police investigation Thursday morning at York County School of Technology.

The video shows two students walking through a hallway holding a Donald Trump campaign sign. Another student in the hallway is heard yelling the words, “white power.”

Police were called to the school Thursday morning after threats were reportedly posted on social media in reaction to the video. Those threats included someone bringing a gun to school.

The threats were determined to be unfounded. Police said most of the posts were exaggerated and made by people with no affiliation to the school.

The students involved in the video are facing disciplinary action, according to school officials.

Mayor Kim Bracey issued a statement to parents and students on Thursday.

Parents and students, please know that as your Mayor, the actions that have taken place at York County School of Technology, I do not take lightly and find them completely disturbing. This morning, I met with Dr. David Thomas, Director of York County School of Technology and I assure you that our city students, and all students of that school are safe. The students that caused the disturbance have been suspended, making a clear message that hate will not be tolerated. A call to all parents was also sent, to assure them that their child is safe and that they have taken yesterday’s incidents very seriously. While we all know people harbor their true feelings until they believe it is okay to act out, it appears that yesterday’s incident was isolated and the school is doing all they can to regain a sense of normalcy. Dr. Thomas also knows on-going conversation and cultural events must be had to help overcome negative behaviors and unknown feelings held by some, because of the very diverse background of the students that have always made up the student population at York County School of Technology. I beg of the school personnel to keep the conversation and positive events that highlight our differences going.

THANK YOU Dr. Thomas and your entire team at the York County School of Technology for all that you are doing to maintain a safe environment that produces career and college ready young people from our diverse student population of York County.

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