Congressman Perry tours wall collapse site, urges quick action

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – A retaining wall collapsed six months ago near the Mulberry Street Bridge in Harrisburg. The auto body shop it damaged remains closed.

Congressman Scott Perry on Wednesday surveyed the area, including Howard Tire and Auto, and vowed to help.

“You don’t see any cars coming in here. You don’t see any paying customers coming in,” Perry said.

“Some days, I’m smiling like this, and some days I’m crying,” owner Howard Henry said.

Henry has 12 employees who are also out of work. The collapse happened on May 5.

“We’re going to make some phone calls and discuss our options, but as soon as possible,” Perry said. “This is urgent. Every single day that Howard’s not in business, it’s a hardship not only on him but those families in our community.”

The congressman plans on being a facilitator to help Henry explore his options.

McFarland Apartments, PennDOT, and the City of Harrisburg have all said they don’t own the wall and shouldn’t have to pay for the repairs and cleanup.

“Sit around the table at the same time and understand that this man can’t wait for months, if not years, for a court process,” Perry said. “All of this is going to go away at some point. You can’t just pay a bill without any revenue coming in, so time is of the essence here.”

“If something doesn’t happen soon, I’m going to have to have a public auction or something is going to have to happen,” Henry said. “I’m going to run out of money.”

Perry saying he’s going to arrange some meetings in hopes of getting this contentious issue resolved.

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