Pennsylvania lawmaker wants changes to improve polling problems

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – The State Department is looking into what caused some machines in Pennsylvania to malfunction. Some of you told us you tried to vote for one person and another candidate was selected.

We found out 25 voting machines out of 25,000 in the state had calibration issues. But state officials say no one’s vote was affected. Still, some local leaders say even one glitch is not acceptable.

“One in Camp Hill borough, where someone who used to work for the governor voted for John Rafferty and it became Josh Shapiro,” Rep. Greg Rothman (R-Cumberland) said.

Rothman was on the ballot and re-elected to the state House of Representatives. He’s not worried votes were counted against him because the state says everyone ultimately cast the vote they wanted.

“If there is an issue, then how do you have a record of it and how do you protect yourself?” he asked.

Rothman says he’ll use his win to introduce legislation allowing cell phones in voting booths to record any problems. Pennsylvania doesn’t have a law against phones at polling places, but many counties ban electronic devices.

“It’s not about selfies and social media, it’s about having the ability to protect yourselves,” he said.

Cumberland County elections officials said there were a few calibration issues with the machines.

“The fail-safe with our machines after the Help America Vote Act is that they give you a final summary page and you still haven’t pressed the vote button,” Secretary of the Commonwealth Pedro Cortes said.

Rothman says he wants to go one step further and require voter receipts.

“We want the people who voted to feel confident in their results,” he said. “That’s what’s important.”

The state tells us the calibration issues could have occurred when the machines were shaken during transport to the polls. They’re looking into those issues and putting together a report.

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