Counties report issues with some voting machines

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Elections officials in Cumberland, Lebanon and Perry counties say complaints about election machines were caused by calibration issues.

Michael Anderson, head of Lebanon County’s Bureau of Elections and Voter Registration, said calibration issues were reported on about five machines in Lebanon County this morning. He said all machines with issues were fixed.

Anderson explained that when a machine has calibration issues, the voter presses one part of the touchscreen and a light appears on another part of the screen.

He said no one’s vote was switched, and everyone was able to vote the way they wanted.

Megan Silverstrim, spokeswoman for Cumberland County, said calibration issues are something they are prepared for and something they see every election.

She said as soon as an issue is reported, technicians recalibrate the touchscreens. She also added that no one’s vote was switched and everyone was able to vote the way they wanted.

Bonnie Delancey, head of Perry County’s Elections and Voter Registration, told ABC27 News the calibration issues “pop up all the time.” She said to her knowledge, no votes were lost.

Delancey said poll workers have been instructed on how to correct the problems and repair crews are ready to respond, if needed.

State Republican Party chairman Rob Gleason said he doesn’t see anything “nefarious” in the scattered complaints of vote switching.

Pennsylvania Secretary of State Pedro Cortes says the GOP reported problems with about 25 out of nearly 24,000 machines statewide. He says in all cases votes ended up being recorded correctly.

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