Yorktowne Hotel to close for two years

YORK, Pa. (WHTM) – On Sunday, the Yorktowne Hotel will close its doors for two years due to renovations.

The hotel has been anchor in York for more than 90 years, and even though it’s getting a complete makeover, employees say this new closing is actually a new beginning.

The elevator doors opened for the first time on October 17. The year was 1925.

“It opened and at one time had 270 rooms, or 250 rooms, or 220 rooms depending on who you asked,” Blanda Nace, the Vice President of Community Affairs for the York County Economic Alliance, said.

Right now it has 173 spaces, but only about 80 of them are rentable. It’s been maintained over the years but not improved. Many of the rooms looked like they did in the 50s.

“We need a new sprinkler system, we need modern stair towers, we need new mechanical systems, new plumbing,” Nace said.

The closing is bittersweet. It’s been a community place of gathering for decades.

“We know that in the hands of the industrial development authority that this will be reborn and be more vibrant and even a bigger asset to our downtown in the future,” Anne Druck, the president of the York County Convention and Visitors bureau, said.

Dozens will have to find new jobs.

“It’s been our number one priority over the past several weeks to make sure the employees land safely,” Nace said.

“Our downtown is really growing and has a lot momentum behind it so bringing the Yorktowne up to that standard the visitors are expecting is a great thing to have happening in our community,” Druck said.

The entire project is expected to cost $20 million. It should reopen in 2018.

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