Meet the Candidates: Robert Bigley

Robert Bigley is the Republican candidate for the 96th state House district, which is located in parts of Lancaster County.

abc27 News is making free airtime available to candidates. The following is the full-text of Bigley’s statement:

“My name is Robert Bigley. I am the Republican candidate for the State House of Representatives in Lancaster’s 96th district.

With all of the craziness in the presidential campaign, the choices we make in our local elections have never been more important.

Like many of you, I have grown weary of the ridiculous party politics that have plagued our state government. It is clearly time to elect leaders who have the courage to find common ground rather than dig deeper trenches.

As the Executive Director of the Trust Performing Arts Center I have worked closely with artists and leaders of all walks of life. And, together, we have inspired a true cultural and economic revolution in Lancaster city.

My experience as an educator and a leader has uniquely prepared me to be the kind of State Representative we need – one who will bring a new spirit of collaboration to our state capitol.

As their Representative, I will listen to the citizens of the 96th District. I will honor their solutions and champion their concerns.

And if you entrust me with your vote, I will seek to be the catalyst for change that we so desperately need in our State Capitol.

Think for yourself, work together, and vote for me, Robert Bigley.”

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