Meet the Candidates: Josh Burkholder

Josh Burkholder is the Democratic candidate in the race for the 4th Congressional District, which includes Adams and York counties and sections of Cumberland and Dauphin counties.

abc27 News is making free airtime available to candidates. The following is the full-text of Burkholder’s statement:

“Hi I am Josh Burkholder , I am not a lawyer or a lobbyist, I am working man, and I am running for congress because I, like you, am sick of the partisan bickering in Washington.

I reject the politics of labels. We need a government that respects and works for the people, all the people. The only special interest group I want to serve is the people of central Pennsylvania. I know the struggles we all face, regardless of our voter registration, and we all need to work together to get that done.

We need healthcare that is truly affordable for all Americans. To be a great country, we need to be a fair country. We need to make child care through college affordable for all. To be great, we need an economy in which a family can live on 40 hours of hard work without having to ask for handouts. We need a tax code that rewards companies for bringing home the jobs and penalizes ones that export our future. We need an honest tax code that makes everyone pay their fair share millionaires and billionaires paying taxes just like the working people.

If you are honest and vote your values, you will vote Burkholder on Nov 8th.

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