East Pennsboro school board considers closing elementary school, swimming pool

ENOLA, Pa. (WHTM) – A Cumberland County school district is looking at possibly shutting down an elementary school and a swimming pool.

Parents packed the East Pennsboro Area School Board meeting Thursday evening to hear the board detail the cuts and improvements in their feasibility plan.

“I’ve been coming for a couple years to stay in the loop with things going on with the school board,” said Mary Karoly, a parent.

The feasibility study highlights enrollment, capacity, conditions of buildings, and educational programs. It compares them to the needs of the district in the next four years.

The study includes seven options, including closing West Creek Hills Elementary School and possibly building a new school. The board would like to replace modulars there and update HVAC.

“The facilities are older but do we need to have a brand-new $30 million building when the other one could be fixed, I’m just putting numbers out there, for $7, $8 million dollars?” said Ken Turner, a parent.

Another hot topic was what to do with the middle school’s swimming pool. It was included separately from the feasibility study. Options include repairing it, renovating it into STEM classrooms, or closing it.

“The impact of the pool and the closure does have an impact on children and being able to have a life skill,” said Turner, who’s also an assistant coach of the East Pennsboro Aquatic Club.

Several swimming teams use East Pennsboro’s pool and it’s used for classes.

“I think the main concern as a taxpayer is to ensure that our money is being spent properly and wisely in light of the problems we’ve had in the last recent months, particularly with mold,” Karoly said.

The board encourages parents to make their voices heard at meetings. They’re held the first and third Thursday of every month at 7:30 p.m. at the administration building.

The school board plans to have public hearings before making any decisions. They’ll look for more information on costs in the meantime.

Click here to read the feasibility study.


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