Mommy Minute: How to ration that enormous pile of Halloween candy

Kenley and Malaina Hamm can try to get to their bag of Halloween candy, but they won’t succeed.

Their mom, Betsy, has placed it on top of the refrigerator, hoping that if it was out of reach, her daughters wouldn’t over-indulge.

“We have enough candy to last for probably two months,” Betsy said. “So now it’s really just trying to moderate what they’re eating over the next few weeks.”

Kenley and Malaina aren’t huge fans of the concept, but registered dietician Marykaye Flatley of PinnacleHealth gives it two thumbs up.  She said the out-of-sight or out-of-reach method is simple but effective.

“They often forget about it,” Flatley said.

Some other tips: never give candy as a reward.  Only give sweet treats after a healthy snack or meal. And encourage kids to donate their candy or trade it in for a small amount of cash or to get out of a chore.

“We really want to teach moderation,” Flatley said. “So parents can really use this as a teaching moment and be a role model for saying no foods are completely off the table. You want to have a healthy and balanced relationship with food.”

“If they haven’t had a lot of other junk, I’ll probably let them have two or three pieces,” Betsy said. “If they’ve had sugar and juice and a lot of other stuff, then probably just one.”

Betsy has never used the trade-in method in her house, but she likes the idea.  There’s only one problem.

“My dad will probably eat half of it,” Kenley said.

Busted! Matt Hamm gets caught digging into his daughters' candy bag.
Busted! Matt Hamm gets caught digging into his daughters’ candy bag.

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