York firefighters battle three fires Saturday night, two deemed arson

Firefighters in York battled three fires Saturday night, two of them deemed arson.

Three fire fighters were sent to the hospital and 37 are now without a home. It took more than one hundred firefighters to put all of the fires out. This biggest fire started on the 100 block of West Maple street.

“This is devastating for 148, 150, and 152. They lost everything. When I say everything, their families have nothing now,” Stacy Williams, a neighbor, said.

The fire started at 10:30 Saturday night. When crews arrived, two homes were engulfed in flames. Smoke was billowing from four.

“As soon as they get one out in the front it would shoot in the back. So it was back and forth, back and forth. But it picked up quick because it started here and then it went ‘boom’ the whole way down,” another neighbor, Cassandra Nelson, said.

The three firefighters that were sent to the hospital are okay. The flames were so big, crews had to evacuate the home and battle the blaze outside before it was safe to tackle inside.

“A lot of memories in this block. A lot of memories,” Paul Odoms, another neighbor, said.

Officials believe this fire was intentionally set. The damages are estimated at more than three hundred thousand dollars.

It took some time for firefighters to arrive because they were battling another blaze on the 400 block of South George Street, where crews rescued two people from an apartment building. They suffered minor injuries. Fire officials believe the fire was accidental.


Before that, crews battled another fire on the 200 block of South Duke Street. All three fires started within 45 minutes of each other. Officials believe it was arson.

“They don’t think about it being someone’s house. Somebody has a mom in there, or children, or animals. They don’t care,” Nelson said.

So far there are no suspects. York City Police are investigating.

“The sad thing about it is it’s like starting all over again. For anybody to start all over again and work at a minimum wage job, it’s going to be rough and difficult for them,” Williams said.

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