Community holds homecoming fundraiser for volunteer firefighter who almost died in motorcycle crash

Jason is a father of two boys.

ENOLA, Pa. (WHTM) -He miraculously pulled through after two weeks at the Hershey Medical Center and almost a week in the ICU.

The community came together Sunday and held a fundraiser to help Jason McBride and his family make ends meet. He can’t work, and his medical bills are up to half a million dollars.

The Guardian Angels and Red Knights gave Jason a heroes welcome for his homecoming parade at the Enola Sportsmans Association.

Jason McBride serves as a Hampden Township volunteer firefighter.
Jason McBride serves as a Hampden Township volunteer firefighter.


“It’s just surreal. You never think anything like this will ever happen to you,” said Amy McBride, Jason’s wife.

It did happen to the McBride family on August 30th along Wertzville Road. Police say Jason was an innocent victim after a car crossed the center line and hit his motorcycle head on.

“What I had was a car upside down on its roof in the opposing lane of travel and a motorcycle pinned under the front end of it. I’m very surprised, and I was surprised that night to find out that he was still alive,” East Pennsboro Township Police Patrol Sgt. Denelle Craul said.

Police found Jason’s motorcycle underneath the car and Jason up an embankment. He tried to stand up but couldn’t and then was flown to the hospital.

“Bones were coming out of his left leg,” Amy said.

“Pretty much everything from my hip down was broken,” Jason said. “As you can see, there’s a lot of hardware on the outside of the leg. There’s also a lot of hardware on the inside of the leg.”

Jason has 18 pins and a titanium rod in his leg, as well as two broken wrists.

Jason is a father of two boys.
Jason is a father of two boys.


“When you’re used to having two incomes, you have your bills based upon that, and it’s a big deal when you only have one income coming in,” Amy said.

About 200 people came out to the fundraiser for music, raffles, food, and fire trucks. The community is also raising money on a GoFundMe page started by a friend.

Jason and Amy have two boys. He’s unable to go back to work at PennDOT for at least a few more months.

“My day starts from 5 a.m. It goes until about 11 p.m.,” Amy said. “Honestly, it’s like I have three kids to take care of. We kind of joke about now.”

The community showed support for the Hampden Township firefighter, who has volunteered his time for nine years.

“You actually see how many people you have out there that really do care about your situation,” Jason said.

Jason has a message for people sharing the road with motorcyclists.

“They are hard to see. Sometimes they’re moving fast, and they’re not always using the best clothing,” Jason said. “If you can just take that extra second or look one more time, it could change somebody’s life.”

“You do have to take every single day. Make it count because it could change in an instant,” Amy said.

Jason has had six surgeries and will have another one this Tuesday. He’s expected to recover except for having a full range of motion in his arms.


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