York Little League plays final game at Shipley Field

YORK, Pa. (WHTM)- York Little League played their final game at Shipley Field Saturday, after calling it home for more than 50 years.

Shipley Field has been home to the York Little League since 1962, but the company that leases the field is currently in bankruptcy. So their lease was terminated.

“It did not hit me until I walked up here this morning,” Steve Bartkowski, the York Little League President, said.

The team has until November 20th to clear out the buildings.

“This is our Wrigley Field basically. And we’re losing our Wrigley Field. We have our minor league fields, which are great fields, but they’re not Wrigley Field either,” Bartkowski said.

The team lost their home field, but York Little League isn’t going anywhere.

“This is our home. But we can find a home somewhere else to,” Jamie Vranich, a parent, said.

But the day was even more special.

“It played such a major part in my life as a young boy that, it would be good to revisit that,” Bill Scarborough said.

Scarborough played the first game in 1962, at just 11 years old. The last time he was at the field more than 40 years ago. He drove three hours to make it.

“I’ve skinned my knees on that field, I broke a leg on the field, I lived to get to this field,” Scarborough said.

It was tough for Scarborough to go on camera, but he took one for the team.


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