Meet the Candidates: Jim Massey

Jim Massey is the Democratic candidate for the 87th state House district in parts of Cumberland County.

abc27 News is making free airtime available to candidates. The following is the full-text of Massey’s statement:

“Good morning my name is Jim Massey.

As a 45 year resident of Cumberland County, I have watched central PA go wild with growth and the quality of life 7 air quality decrease. And I am running to be your State Representative for the 87th District.

Here in Cumberland County, we are being squeezed dry by career politicians, who are more interested in their perks and pensions, than actually helping our community.

I am running to change that. I believe that public servants should listen to the people. We need to focus on fully funding our schools, rebuilding our aging infrastructure, and lower our property taxes.

I have not heard of many representatives that have forgone making money in their businesses or private practices while in office. The representative should be working for the good of the people, not to enrich themselves or their friends.

I hope I can earn your vote on November 8th

Thanks Jim Massey”

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