House OKs bill on release of officers’ names

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) – Legislation heading to Gov. Tom Wolf’s desk would restrict situations in which police officers are identified while they are being investigated for firing a weapon or using force that results in death or serious injury.

The bill passed the House, 151-32, less than a day after it passed the Senate. Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf isn’t saying whether he’ll sign it, although it passed both chambers by veto-proof majorities.

Opponents warned that it won’t make communities or police safer, or foster trust between the two. However, proponents say it’ll protect police officers who may be innocent of any wrongdoing.

Police unions are endorsing the bill.

The proposal mandates release of the officer’s name if he or she is charged with a crime.

If an investigation doesn’t produce charges, an officer’s name can be released under court order, with the officer’s consent or if doing so wouldn’t be expected to create a risk of harm to the officer or their family.

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