Is this decoration taking Halloween too far?

LEBANON, Pa. (WHTM) – Does a Halloween decoration in Annville, Lebanon County go too far?

Just off Main street, across from The Barn restaurant, couple Erin and Bryan Burns spend days making their house look extra haunted. Weeks in September and October are used to find thrift items that complete their ideal haunted house. With pumpkins, a fake body bag, and life-size Grim Reaper they go all out! One decoration is getting all the attention, a dummy of a man hanging himself with a noose around his neck swinging in the tree.

A neighbor that likes the decoration, Jennifer Bucher, said, “This is our second Halloween they’ve had it and I just think it’s fun!”

However, an Anville resident who is not a fan of the decoration, Dani DeCarie said, “Annville is really cute and their pumpkins and decorations and little families all over the place, but this decoration is not funny, it ruins the fun spirit of the holiday.”

DeCarie said “That [hanging man decoration is] just taking it too far, that’s just creepy. [It] can be misunderstood in so many ways that why would you even go there. I’ve had friends that have taken their lives and it breaks my heart.”

The decorator Burns said “I’m not worried about it. People get offended for lots of different reasons. I’m not going to worry about it.”

Annville police received enough concerned calls last year that they approached burns about the decoration — saying many don’t like it and it’s too distracting to drivers. However Burns says it’s no more distracting than giant inflatable Christmas decorations.

Burns said, “There is nothing they can do, they can’t make us take it down. We like it and we have enough other people that like it too so we’re leaving it up.”

Bryan and Erin said the hanging man is all in good fun and they plan on doing it for years to come.

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