Eyewitness still reeling after sight, sounds of David Henry’s Harrisburg homicide

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Harrisburg Police are looking for three suspects wanted in connection with a Saturday evening murder.

ABC27 News spoke with an eyewitness Sunday morning. The eyewitness, who did not want his name published, said he was walking along Fulton Street when the female victim ran into him. He then fell down on concrete and gashed his leg down to the bone.

“It shouldn’t be like this,” he said. “It just seems like it’s out of control.”

The eyewitness is still reeling after what he heard and saw along the normally-quiet Harrisburg street during his walk home.

“She told me straight up he was dead. She said it about 20 times,” the eyewitness said. “That’s pretty much all she kept on saying. She was like, ‘Oh my God. He’s dead. I can’t believe he killed him.'”

The female victim literally ran into the eyewitness’s arms on the sidewalk outside. Harrisburg Police said three masked men broke into the home along the 500 block of Calder Street during a home invasion. They shot the woman in her hand and fatally shot 20-year-old David Henry just after 10:30 p.m. Saturday.

The eyewitness, who lives in the area, said he will be moving back to Lancaster.

“I’m going back home. I can’t do it out here. This city is not for me. I’ve heard stories over the years about Harrisburg, and I’m kind of getting a real up close and personal look at how bad it is out here,” he said.

A shattered glass door remains where a young life was shattered.

“He was a kid,” the eyewitness said. “I haven’t even been asleep yet because every time I close my eyes, this whole thing came back. Everything she said, just the scene, the noise, I can remember the exact smell. It just makes me sick to my stomach. It gives me an eerie feeling.”

The investigation into what happened is still ongoing. Anyone with information should call Harrisburg Police at 717-255-6516 or 717-255-3170. Dauphin County Crime Stoppers is offering a reward of up to $2000 for information leading to an arrest.


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