Commercial traffic on residential road disturbing neighbors

FAYETTEVILLE, Pa. (WHTM) – During the week, Mount Cydonia Road, a residential road in Greene Township, is packed with big trucks and commercial traffic.

“It rocks our houses when the trucks are coming by,” Scottie Oliver, a neighbor, said.

During the summer, neighbors said anywhere from one hundred to two hundred trucks travel through the residential road.

“You’ll see a dozen trucks travel up this road in a five minute time period,” John Stoner, another neighbor, said.

That’s because up the road there’s a sand plant owned and operated by a company called New Enterprise Stone and Lime Company Inc,. They own several plants in the area but recently closed a few them.  So all of the trucks that went to those plants now come to this one.

“We’re not trying to fight their business. We know they’re a business. We don’t want to take their business away from them but we feel like there should be some alternatives,” Stoner said.

The problem isn’t just the noise. Cars travel fast, too. Parts of it are narrow and windy. Last summer, residents signed a petition to fix the road. They said the Township told them they could start fixing it by summer 2016.

“This summer is almost completely over and they haven’t started anything yet. They keep telling us they are but we haven’t seen any results,” Oliver said.

They want the road to be fixed and the speed limit to be lowered. They said it won’t solve all of the problems, but it’s a start.

“We’re retired people. We want to be able to sleep in if we want to. This is a residential area. We have to put up with commercial traffic. It shouldn’t be that way,” Oliver said.

“My biggest fear is there will be an accident some time and it’ll be too late,” Stoner said.

“We reached out to Greene township. They said they’re aware of the problem and are looking into ways of providing relief, but did not specify how.

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