Pa. election official: Polls secure, system not rigged

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Donald Trump’s insistence the election is fixed has caught the attention of state election officials. They say voters don’t have anything to worry about.

Pennsylvania Secretary of State Pedro Cortes had harsh words for those who say the election is rigged. He said there’s several reasons why it’s safe during a press conference at the State Capitol Thursday.

“This is not only wrong and uninformed, it is also dangerous. To imply that fraud is rampant at any level, from the precinct to an entire city or state, is without merit,” Cortes said.

Cortes mentioned a Loyola University study of one billion votes showed only 13 small-scale examples of voter fraud.

“It’s not just Mr. Trump. Others, unfortunately, have done the same,” Cortes said. “It reminds me of the saying that you might be entitled to your opinion, but you’re not entitled to make up the fact. The facts are the facts.”

Cortes said the machines are protected from hackers because they don’t have an access point and aren’t connected to the internet.

“All of the voting systems in use in Pennsylvania have been examined and certified to federal and state standards,” Cortes said.

Voter fraud is statistically non-existent in Pennsylvania, according to Cortes.

“Prior to every election, the machines are tested for logic and accuracy,” Cortes said. “After successful testing, the machines are locked down and physical tapes or locks are applied that would detect equipment tampering.”

Cortes says people from both parties can be poll watchers, and each precinct can have up to three of them. Poll watching is something Trump has asked his supporters to do.

Cortes advises people to speak to an election judge if they see anything suspicious at the polls.


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