Meet the Candidates: Ken Gehosky

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Ken Gehosky is an Independent candidate for the 31st state Senate district in parts of Cumberland and York counties.

abc27 News is making free airtime available to candidates. The following is the full-text of Gehosky’s statement:

“Hi. My name is Ken Gehosky. I am a U.S. History teacher and the independent candidate for state Senate in District 31.

You have a choice this November 8th. Because of my candidacy you have a choice between partisanship and humble public service. You have choice between endless insults and simple civility. You have a choice between costly gridlock and objective reasoning.

I am running because I’ve grown weary of the angry rhetoric. I am tired of being told whom to trust and whom I should fear. I am tired of being told to take sides. The only side I am on is that of the people. All of the people. Not only those of the party benefactors. I am free to act without influence from any political party.

We will not solve our shared challenges by remaining divided. The voters of District 31 now have a choice and can unite by behind the only true lover of liberty in this race. Vote for Ken Gehosky, Independent candidate for state Senate. Thank you.”

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