No additional security for Midstate elections, at least so far

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump is urging his supporters to monitor polls on Election Day for what he calls a “rigged election.” You may be wondering what you can expect for security at Midstate polls.

The presidential election is now less than three weeks away. The Dauphin County Elections and Voter Registration says they are not going to take additional security measures at the polls this year. Normal security will be in place, at least so far. One thing you most likely won’t see at the polls are police officers.

“Uniformed or plain-clothed police officers must remain 100 feet or more from the entrance of a polling place. The exceptions to this rule are when a police officer is personally voting, when the polling place is located in a building which also housing a police station, and when police officers are summoned to preserve the peace,” said Jerry Feaser, Jr., director of Dauphin County Elections and Voter Registration.

Secretary of the Commonwealth Pedro A. Cortés says the state’s top priority is to make sure every election is fair, secure and smooth.

“At present, there is no credible threat that would affect the conduct of the upcoming election. Still, we remain vigilant and will continue to work closely with our partners to monitor potential incidents and respond quickly should the need arise,” Cortés said.

Megan Sweeney is the communications director for the Pennsylvania Republican Party and urges voters to be vigilant at the polls.

“We’re always concerned about making sure that the elections are as fair as possible and that every person’s vote counts just the same as everybody else’s,” Sweeney said.

Brandon Cwalina, spokesperson for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, sent ABC27 News this statement:

“We echo the statement of senator and vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine, who in August said ‘You come into Pennsylvania and you tell Pennsylvanians the only way we’ll lose is if the vote is rigged. What does that say to Pennsylvanians? It’s insulting to Pennsylvanians to say you don’t know how to run a fair election here and if I lose it’s because you screwed it up. It’s not because I lost.'”

Both parties say you can contact them about being an election watcher at the polls.

“There aren’t that many people in the country that get the opportunity like we do to live in a battleground state and to really affect the outcome of this election.”

You will have to show some kind of ID if you’re voting for the first time at your polling location.


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