Near record warmth again this afternoon

Clouds and showers from this morning have cleared, and mostly sunny skies are here for the afternoon. Highs today will be a little warmer than expected earlier since the clouds cleared so early. We expect highs to reach the upper 70s to near 80F similar to the last two days. The record high for today is 82F and that could be broken if clouds are slow to increase this evening.

Showers return late tonight and early tomorrow morning as an area of low pressure moves into the Mid-Atlantic. A trailing cold front accompanying the low will bring a period of steady rain heading into Friday. Rainfall amounts tomorrow are expected to range from a quarter to three quarters of an inch. The front is now slower to exit, which means the possibility of showers lasting through Friday night football games. By Friday evening, temperatures will be free falling and conditions will turn breezy. Dress warmly for those games Friday night and keep the warmer clothes out for the weekend.

Once the cold front exits, gusty winds and much colder air arrives for Saturday. Northwest winds at 15-25 mph and afternoon temperatures in the lower 50s will remind us that we are moving deeper into fall. Expect more sunshine for Sunday, but it will remain breezy and cool. Temperatures stay in the 50s and low 60s for next week.

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