Capitol Police get in-car camera upgrade

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – In-car camera technology is now the latest tool used by Pennsylvania Capitol Police to help build community trust.

Capitol Police Superintendent Joe Jacob announced Thursday that all patrol vehicles have been upgraded with an in-car camera, capable of recording all officer traffic stops and other public interactions.

“The in-car camera is a very valuable tool in helping the Pennsylvania Capitol Police reassure the public that when they come into contact with our officers there will be an audio and video recording of that exchange to ensure that the rights of each party are preserved and respected,” said Jacob.

All 13 Capitol police patrol vehicles are equipped with the Panasonic Arbitrator 360 HD in-car surveillance system. The system features two cameras: one front-facing windshield camera and one camera that records the rear seating area of the patrol vehicle; a DVR unit; a heavy duty laptop; and wireless microphone which can also be used to activate the recording system from outside the vehicle.

The in-car camera units record video and audio once triggered in the following ways:

  • Activation of emergency lights
  • Abrupt braking or impact
  • Detection of a high rate of speed
  • Manually inside the vehicle or from the wireless microphone unit

Jacob said the department intends to use the recorded in ways ranging from evidence in traffic stops and DUI violations to responding to possible complaints and training purposes.

Officers will notify individuals of the recording at the beginning of each traffic stop and as the situation allows in other interactions, Jacob said.

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