Shippensburg students split on teacher strike

SHIPPENSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – The talk around the Shippensburg University campus is whether or not students will go to class or strike with teachers who hit the picket lines Wednesday morning.

James Sheard got an email from the university telling students to go to classes as scheduled, so he did.

“I think it’s fair to the professor, if they’re going to cross the picket line, it’s only fair for us to be there,” Sheard said.

When he got to class, the lights were off and no one inside. Two others eventually showed up out of a class of 25. Students were told to wait up to 10 minutes for their teacher to show, then leave. Sheard and his classmates did just that, somewhat frustrated.

“I’m more worried for some of my friends,” Sheard said. “I have a lot of friends who are seniors and already have jobs lined up, so if a semester gets moved back, they’ll lose their job.”

Meanwhile, a couple dozen other students joined their teachers. Sophomore Shumeta Khan organized a midday walkout starting at the student union and ending at the picket line with faculty and staff.

“It’s our education,” Khan said. “The teachers are going there fighting for our education. Why shouldn’t we support them?”

Later, they marched on to the president’s office.

“As students, for what we’re paying, I don’t think we should have adjunct professors and professors going back and forth between different schools,” Kristina Carey said of the negotiations.

Students tell us they will continue to fight for their teachers at PASSHE headquarters in the coming days.

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