Harrisburg, DiSanto campaign exchange words over flyer

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – The city’s police chief says he did not authorize the use of his photo in a poster issued by John DiSanto’s campaign.

Police Chief Thomas Carter said in a statement Wednesday that he has not publicly endorsed DiSanto’s candidacy.

DiSanto is a Republican candidate in the race for the state Senate’s 15th district, which includes Perry County and part of Dauphin County, including Harrisburg.

“We also are disappointed that Chief Carter’s photo was used without his permission in campaign promotions issued by Mr. DiSanto,” Mayor Eric Papenfuse said in a statement. “We want to make sure the Harrisburg Police Department remains politically neutral and independent.”

DiSanto’s campaign responded by issuing a statement saying it had no knowledge of this flyer and saw it for the first time Wedensday when it was sent to them by the media. It said the flyer was apparently sent by a third-party group without any
consultation with the campaign.

“It appears the City jumped to the conclusion that the DiSanto campaign sent this flyer without checking with us first or even looking at the paid-for-by disclaimer,” campaign manager Chuck Erdman said. “It’s pretty sad commentary that they didn’t do basic fact-checking before launching an unfounded attack on us.”

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