Boys’ lemonade stand raises thousands for local charities

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Two boys are helping people in need in Cumberland County in a lot of little ways, but they’re raising big money with their efforts.

Shane Thompson showed us an award he got from the Silver Spring Township Police Department.

“I was the first ever to get this award who was not a police officer,” he said.

That’s how we first heard about 10-year-old Shane. Last year, he raised money to vest a K9 for the department.

But we found out his story started much earlier.

“It was first Shane’s Lemonade, and this was October 2012 for Devin,” Shane shows us in his scrapbook. “[Devin] got meningitis and he got his legs amputated and he needed prosthetic legs.”

Just 5 years old at the time, Shane felt he had to help. A lemonade stand was his answer.

“That’s how it started down at the apple stand,” Samantha Thompson, Shane’s mom said. “A little 5-year-old at a lemonade stand selling lemonade for his friend.”

Devin got his legs, and Shane got his inspiration.

Five years later, and now with his 7-year-old brother Alex, the Thompson boys have done lemonade stand after lemonade stand, raising a total of $8,000 for at least 10 different charities in our area.

In addition, they collect boxes of food and clothing for their local homeless shelter: Carlisle CARES.

“It kind of makes me sad thinking about how people don’t have coats and they get cold in the winter when it’s cold,” Shane said.

When the boys drop off the boxes, Beth Kempf, the shelter’s executive assistant, is amazed.

“To be so young and have such a heart for our community and for people like they do, what great examples they are,” Kempf said.

“Since the time he could walk, he’s been wanting to help people,” Samantha Thompson said of her son.

Shane tells he’ll continue as long as he can, and now with a new partner to grow the family business.

“It just runs through my heart and makes people happy,” Alex Thompson said. “It just feels good.”

The boys will be collecting donations and selling lemonade again for Carlisle CARES at the Silver Spring Fall Festival on Saturday, Oct. 22 in Stony Ridge Park.

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